We are so lucky nowadays to have all the genealogy resources we need right at our fingertips on our computers and/or phones and tablets. It makes genealogy accessible for everyone, no matter our age or financial status with all the free resources out there in cyberspace. Here are some that I have found immensely helpful in my family history journey. More resources are coming soon!

*Please note that I am in no way sponsored, endorsed or advertising these resources, nor do I account for their credibility or accuracy, I simply enjoy sharing knowledge in the hope that it might benefit someone.


-No Quarter Given: The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army, 1745-46 ~ Various Authors

-Jacobites of Lowland Scotland, England, Ireland France and Spain 1745 ~ Frances McDonnell 

- The Prisoners of the '45, Vol 1 & 2 ~ Scottish History Society

-Jacobites of Perthshire 1745 ~ Frances McDonnell

-Highland Jacobites 1745 ~ Frances McDonnell 

-Jacobite Clans podcast by Culture Perth and Kinross

-jacobites.net ~ to find Inverness Prisoner List and List of Prisoners Transported on the Veteran, google their names.

- Jacobite Gleanings from State Manuscripts; Short Sketches of Jacobites; the Transportations in 1745

-Our Australian Girl Series (ouraustraliangirl.com.au)

-Clans and Tartans - Collins Little Books

-Scottish Wildflowers by Michael Scott

-Scottish Dance - Collins Little Books 

-Robert The Bruce and All That - Allan Burnett 

-Best-Loved Celtic Fairy Tales - Isabelle Brent and Neil Philip

- Usborne Norse Myths

-Usborne Kings and Queens


-The Coming of the Unicorn & The Flight of the Golden Bird - Duncan Williamson

Kid's Resources

- Clans and Tartans by Collins Little Books.

-Scottish Castles by Collins Little Books.

-Burke's Peerage ~ an excellent reference, a free version of several editions is available at UK Genealogy Archives website, or a nearby library (like the Hobart State Library in Tasmania) may have a copy. Note: the 107th edition (published in 2003) is the most recent copy to date.

- A great way to find your clan's history is to simply google their name and find their website, most clans have one. 

My Go-To's:


-National Archives of Australia 

- Victorian & NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages 

- National Library of Australia

- National Library of Scotland

- Find My Past Jacobite Collection.


-A Handbook of Scotland's Wild Harvests by Fi Martynoga

-National Library of Scotland - their e-library and e-resources are so useful!

-Statistical Accounts of Scotland - a wonderful insight into the lifestyle and agricultural practices of your ancestor's time.

- Fasti ecclesiæ scoticanæ; the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation - note: there are several editions, available for free at archive.org.


-McIan's Highlanders at home, or, Gaelic gatherings - Robert Ronald McIan & James Logan

Hope they help!

Australian Immigration and Convicts

-National Archives of Australia
-Convict Records of Australia
-Ryerson Index
-Australian War Memorial
- Australian Dictionary of National Biography
-Ancestry.com Convict Collection
- First Fleet Fellowship Victoria 
- Free Settler or Felon
-Queanbeyan Museum 
-Dictionary of Sydney 
-Sydney Living Museums
-Monaro Pioneers
-Your local library!


- The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd 
-Tracking the Highland Tiger - Marianne Taylor
-The Scottish Art of Coorie -  Gabriella Bennet
-The Crofter and the Laird - John MacPhee 
-Transformations - Vanessa Finney
-Mapping Van Diemen’s Land and the Great Beyond. Rare & Beautiful Maps from the Royal Society of Tasmania. - L Davies, M Davies, W Boyles.
-Australian Birds: A Celebration - Shirley Barber
-The Mammoth Book of Celtic Myths and Legends - Peter Berresford Ellis


-Romani Cymru - Romany Wales Project 
-Gypsies of Britain - Janet Keet-Black
-A Time from the World - Rowena Farre

"We are who we are because they were who they were"


Favourite Family History Quotes:

"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you mights as well make it dance."

-George Bernard Shaw

"Dear Ancestor, 
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Arundel Castle, former home of Adeliza of Louvain, the fairy maid of Brabant