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Hello! I'm Lil, and I'm passionate about family history.
My direct ancestors include Jacobite Campbells, Robert the Bruce, Princess Marjorie Bruce, Cailean Mòr Campbell and Adeliza of Louvain "the Fair Maid of Brabant", to name a few! 
My father's side of the family is Dutch and my mother's side is a wonderful mixture of Scottish, Irish, Cornish and Welsh Romani. 
At the moment my main interest lies in researching the Scottish relatives in my family, particularly Jacobites. I am lucky to be related to many clans including, but not limited to: Campbell (Jacobite), Colquhoun, Stewart and MacAllister.
I have learned so much from researching my family and I hope that the information I share here will help you discover the many amazing stories I'm sure your family tree has to offer.







 ~ Special Interests ~

~Special Interests ~

Scottish Music

Scottish Jewelry

Old Records

Arundel, former home to Adeliza of Louvain, the fair maid of Brabant 

Arundel Castle, former home of Adeliza of Louvain, "The Fair Maid of Brabant", my 27th great-grandmother